Pose sensor STM32 standalone


Fully open source device for real time low-compute and low-power absolute positioning and orientation.



The Pose sensor is a fully open source device for real time 2D/3D positioning and orientation (North-East-Down quaternion).

It is a low-compute and low-power solution for absolute positioning and orientation.

It can be used as both tag and basestation.

The pose sensor comes with a micro-B USB connector for power and data. It can be interfaced with any Linux/Mac/Windows machine. To function as basestation, it only requires power via micro-B USB.

It is run by a STM32 (STM32F405) and it has the following sensors:

  • Qorvo DW3220 UWB with RP-SMA female connector.
  • Bosch BMI088 IMU with triaxial accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope. The BMI088 is a high-performance IMU used in harsh environments such as those in drones and robotics applications. It has a high vibration robustness and temperature stability.
  • Bosch BMM350 triaxial magnetometer with high accuracy and ultra-low noise.


PCB dimensions: width: 44mm, height: 35mm (excluding RP-SMA connector)

Power usage: 5V, 0.055A in tag mode.